Welcome to the New School Year

Welcome to the New School Year

Dear CECC Families,

Welcome to Champaign Early Childhood Center! We are so excited to start our new year of preschool and can’t wait to have your child be part of this experience! It is going to be a unique and perhaps at times challenging school year for many families but we are here to help in whatever way we can! The district determined that all schools in Champaign Unit 4 will begin the school year with Distance Learning only. At the beginning of October 2020, the district will make a determination if we can welcome students back into our buildings when the 2nd quarter starts on October 19th. We will keep you posted regarding the status of our current learning plan. The following are some topics with important information for you as our school year gets started:

Attendance During Distance Learning
We are required by the State of Illinois to collect attendance daily for each student. We understand that many parents and guardians work during the day and cannot participate during the regularly established AM and PM session hours for our program. Through Google Classroom or the Remind app, your child’s teacher will be asking you to open or respond to a question which will count as attendance. Your child’s teacher will provide you with specific information for her classroom.

In addition, if you are a parent or guardian who works during the school day, or is otherwise unable to have their child attend during their scheduled session time, we will need you to “request” to have the attendance designation of DDL, or Delayed Distance Learning. There is no consequence for that at all, but it is a way for us to document that you did in fact participate or attend that day, just not during the regular program hours.

Google Classroom

During your home visits, teachers will talk to you about getting onto their Google Classroom. You will be using your child’s personal district email account to do that. Your child will not be emailing anyone, but this is the way the district gives you access as a parent. Within Google Classroom, teachers will be sharing important information and posting lessons and assignments. I will also be communicating with you through Google Classroom. It is simple and easy to use once you get started with it.

Class Activities/Structure During Distance Learning
Each week, within Google Classroom, teachers will be sharing a weekly “At Home Learning Plan.” This plan will have activities that are developmentally appropriate for preschool-aged students. Many of the activities can be done with things around the home or outside. Each plan will include activities in the following important areas of learning for Pre-K:

Science/Social Emotional
Outside/Gross Motor

Learning Kits
Each student will receive a Learning Kit every 3-4 weeks during Distance Learning. These kits will include books for your child to keep and materials needed for the At Home Learning Plans that are shared by teachers. Please take care to keep these materials safe so that when that activity is shared, your child has the appropriate materials needed (such as crayons, markers, paper, glue stick, etc.). We are hoping to be able to deliver the first learning kits by Friday September 4th; however at this time there has been a delay in our ordering.

Food Distribution
During the period of 100% Distance Learning, the District will distribute 5-day meal boxes to Unit 4 families, similar to what we did during spring and summer 2020 COVID-19 school closures.

You’ll have two options to get meals: drive-thru sites or at-home delivery.


Sites at Booker T. Washington, Jefferson Middle School, and Garden Hills.

Open Mondays, 10am–1pm.

No pre-order required.


Contact Food Services at (217) 351-3852 to set up at-home delivery. Meals delivered Fridays, 10–11am.

Meals include Breakfast: PreK–12 follows a 4-week cycle menu, Lunch: PreK–12 follows a 5-week cycle menu. Special diets and vegetarian options are available.

Contact Food Services at (217) 351-3852 to preorder meals. For questions or concerns contact Food Services at (217) 351-3852 or email foodservice@u4sd.org.

I hope this information shared is helpful. Thanks for choosing to become part of our CECC family!

Cheryl Dearing, CECC Principal

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